Reclaiming Your Inner Strength

Have you ever experienced that something that was supposed to make you feel good and positive in life, instead just ended up making you feel insecure, hopeless and lacking?

Whatever it is, you initially looked up to it as if it was “it” – because it really seemed and felt like it would bring something positive to your life. But for some reason it just kept on eluding you. You couldn’t manage to quite get to it. Or perhaps you did get to it, but discovered that it didn’t really bring you the abiding positive effect you’d expected it to, after all. And instead you found yourself lost in a place of hopelessness and self doubt, feeling stuck, and suffering badly from it.

For reasons that will become apparent in a moment, it’s not an uncommon place to find yourself at. But as it happens, it might actually be easier than you think to turn things around.

As I share in the e-book, the way I found the genuine sense of ‘completeness’ and empowerment that I’d been searching for all of my life, was quite counter-intuitive. It was literally by losing my belief in everything I’d ever looked up to, and withdrawing all of my investment in these things, that I found what I’d always been longing for.

The reason it turned out that way is that happiness and peace works in the complete opposite way to what we’ve been led to believe. Our society and culture practically brainwashes us into idealising and granting authority to stuff beyond our natural, ordinary being. It might be anything from particular opinions to people to attributes to accomplishments to you-name-it. Whatever it is – for some reason it seems to be ‘the promised land’ to you. And once you’ve started to look up to- believe in- and invest yourself, well, to the contrary of how it may seem, you’re not bound for abiding happiness and positivity in your life – you’re screwed.

Because the way things really work is that as soon as you grant authority to something beyond your ordinary, natural being, you simultaneously start giving rise to the illusion that You are small and incomplete. I use the word “illusion” here very deliberately, because that’s exactly what your sense of incompleteness is: an experience created solely by your own mind.

Your natural state of being really is one of feeling totally alright and carefree. And it’s not rocket science. You just don’t feel bad unless there is a valid reason to. But as it happens, that reason is perhaps more often than you think of your own making, and more than that, it’s even disguised as your own personal Jesus Christ.


As you find yourself kneeling in front of a fresh-baked, mind-made authority – dependent, awaiting judgment day – sooner or later you’ll also find yourself feeling like shit. Because the seeming promise of it all never really existed beyond the dreamscape of your mind. The whole thing was just a hyped up chain of thought that got the better of you. Literally.

And so, by understanding all of this it not-so-surprisingly turns out that, simply by transcending your ignorance and un-granting the various ‘promised lands’ in your life their authority over you – you put an end to the illusion of yourself being small and incomplete and rediscover your inherent strength as a being.

…And with that your reasons for being who you are and doing what you do also shifts.

Instead of going about your business in a forced and needy way, which most likely just makes you run around in circles chasing your own tail, you find yourself flowing with your own spontaneous movement, effortlessly manifesting everything you truly want in life. Feeling empowered and authentic. Doing what you do – not because you’re in need of anything in particular, but because it just feels fun and right and interesting to be doing what you’re doing.

You might keep on doing what you were doing before with a renewed sense of joy and ease. Or you might go do something else. The point is that moving through life from your basic, empty, naturally fulfilled and empowered ordinary state of being, you’re as good off as you’ll ever be. Feeling right about who you are and what you do, nothing in life has any real power over you. You’re already where you want to be.

It’s a different way of life for sure. And you might be startled and confused by the peaceful, quiet stillness of it at first. But don’t worry. That’s just an echo of the now absent noise of a small and lacking, deluded ego, disappearing into the boundless abyss of your inherently awesome being.

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