Synchronicity and Flow

Ever had something nice happen, followed by a thought about how well it all panned out in the end?

– “For some reason all these coincidences just came together and enabled this extraordinary outcome of events! Curious!”

It’s curious, but not really that strange when you think about it. It’s just life doing its thing. It’s just what you gradually end up seeing if you stay on the path towards this kind of understanding. It becomes completely natural to view everything as one, seamless flow, enabling the inconceivably ingenious manifestation of the entire universe.

No longer is your own thinking believed to be ‘done’ by ‘someone’. Instead thoughts are seen for what they are – namely the spontaneous unfolding of this ordinary, everyday eternal ‘isness’. No different from colourful leafs growing on flowers, clouds passing by on the sky, or the sudden, non-negotionable need to take a dump.

The occurrence of ‘thinking’ is probably one of the hardest things to get over. Thoughts often appear as words, and because language is built upon on a model of subject versus object, ‘thinking’ will always seem to imply that there’s someone doing it. But in the end of the day one come to realise that it doesn’t mean that it is so, and the understanding of what is really going on instead leaves one hanging back, just letting the show unfold.

Just like no one blames a three-year-old who’s just learning to speak for what it says, one no longer blame oneself or anyone at all. Just like it’s understood that kid isn’t ‘choosing to say’ what he does – that thoughts are just happening to him – the same logic is seen to apply everything.

bike kopia

This is when it starts to be recognised and directly perceived. The intelligence and synchronicity in all events. The flow in the unfolding. And your own and everything else’s importance and purpose as a part of the whole.

There’s surrender and alignment with the direction of one’s spontaneous movement, and with that of the totality. And effortlessly life takes shape. Authentic needs get met. True desires are focused in on. Lessons that needs learning gets taught. Keys to doors are delivered. No longer just staying in place, endlessly repeating the same patterns, but growing instead, in whatever way and direction is meant to be.

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