Peace in Imperfection

This life isn’t perfect. But I don’t suffer.

Most people knows what it’s like wanting things to be different than they are. But the things they want changed are usually not the causes for their suffering. The problem is probably not such a problem at all.

You can’t live a life of constant, smiling happiness. But you can live a peaceful life free from ego-based suffering, even though you and your life is far from perfect. Because peace isn’t ever out of ours hands. It isn’t a result of attaining a certain kind of life or becoming a certain kind of person – implying that we might never be lucky enough to have it arrive. No, and this is important:

Peace is a natural state of being that appear when we withdraw our investment from whatever-it-is that puts us at odds with life as it is spontaneously unfolding.

Just empty your pockets. It’s really that simple. You don’t have to find or have anything. You just need to remove your investment from that which is- or has the potential to be- in conflict with the way things actually are. That’s all there is to it.

Now, unveiling this state of peaceful non-investment doesn’t mean we won’t still manifest the ‘change’ we initially wanted. We still might. The difference is that this removal of investment helps distinguishing the authentic movement of your beingness, from the movement of a fearful, mentally erected ego. It basically makes you stop wasting time running in circles, and instead align with what you naturally are and want to become.

No longer will the process of manifesting change be a desperate hunt to “fix your suffering” (that won’t fix your suffering). Instead it’ll just be about being. Simply letting life be what it is and allowing it to find its own way. And just embracing this experience.


What you’ll gradually find, living this way, is a life that suits you better and better. That’s been the conclusive experience and observation when it comes to people on this path. That we’re slowly getting wiser and moving towards authenticity, surrender and peace. A kind of life that increasingly harmonises with our being, on the inside as well as on the outside.

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