Life as it’s Meant to be Lived

We, as independent captains of our lives, don’t exist.

That’s a pretty tough statement to digest if you take it seriously. But if you want to get to the heart of the problem of humanity, not to mention your own life, this is the thing that needs to be exposed and understood properly.

I’m not saying that the body-mind doesn’t exist as such. What I’m saying is that You as an independent, free-willing self have never really been here at all.

See, we as independent individuals exist solely as a conceptual construct, manifested through the process of thinking. And as both science and philosophy will tell you: there is no control of the process of thought. ‘Thinking’ doesn’t control itself. Nothing does. That’s what they will tell you: there is simply no one here doing all of this thinking.

And the same goes for your body. No one moves it. At best you could argue that thoughts go on to manifest as some of your bodily actions. But as we’ve just noted: no one is manning the thought-factory. Things like free will and choice simply doesn’t exist in reality.


This sheds light on something truly remarkable. The fact that all of this is happening. This experience, doing its thing, right now. This life. This planet. This existence. That it’s all here, and unfolds with such creativity and coherence, without anyone being here making it happen. It just happens. It just Is. Underneath the mental projection of language and conceptualisation, this present moment is literally one single, seamless, eternally unfolding ‘isness’, chosen by no one.

This is it. The understanding and realisation that would existentially liberate humanity if it was taken seriously. The absence of any ‘independent subject self’. And the recognition and acknowledgement of the implicit untouchable intelligence and speechless beauty that is every single detail of this boundlessly creative, cooperative universe.

If you’d just dare to let go of your ignorant beliefs, self-image and egoic agendas, to fully allow this ‘isness’ to do its thing. Just let yourself embody your natural, authentic expression of being – you’d be at peace.

I know this because I live this. And I’m not bragging about an unattainable utopic scenario, but about a simple, ordinary reality. About a way of life that is available to anyone who wants to play by the actual rules of the game.

Sure, it takes deep, sincere willingness to change your perspective to achieve it. A desire to free yourself from the ignorant beliefs and fears that obstruct the natural movement of your body and mind. And time. But the payoff is a sense of abiding lack of imprisonment. Freedom. Completeness. Existential clarity. An end to egoic doubt and suffering as you know it.

To flow with the spontaneous currents of eternity as a felt integrated part of the whole, is impossible to describe with words. It is real magic. It is effortless manifestation of one’s inherent truth. It’s life as it’s meant to be lived.

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